Asian Clam

Small, freshwater clams usually less than 2.5cm wide. Their shells are olive to brown with deep concentric rings. The colour can flake off, leaving white patches on the shell surface.

Juvenile Asian clams (Corbicula fluminea) are smaller again. Note that the inner clamshells range in colour from white to a deep purple.

Asian clams can produce up to 70,000 young per year. They are hermaphrodites (both male and female) so they can reproduce even if only one enters a location.

In Ireland, Asian clams have been recorded in densities of over 10,000 per m2. In high concentrations, they can filter the water so efficiently that native fish and clams starve because of reduced phytoplankton concentrations.

Inspect and clean all equipment like boats, waders, engines etc. with high pressure hot water and/or an appropriate disinfectant before and after use in lakes and waterways. Unclean equipment can result in the spread of invasive species into different catchment areas.

Proper control of an Asian clam infestation will require the services of an appropriately certified invasive species control company.

If you encounter Asian clams please enter the details into our log.